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P.O. Box 5004
Woodbury, CT 06798
Call us: (203) 263-3210
Fax us: (203) 263-5351
Email Us: denominatorco@aol.com

A family-run business since 1914, The Denominator Company has a reputation second to none. We provide the highest quality manual counters for a wide range of businesses with unique counting needs where electronic counters just will not work. From poultry processors to local transit agencies to scientific laboratories, we have an unparalleled legacy of satisfied and repeat customers that comes only from providing the highest quality products and the best customer service, year after year.

Counters are all we do, for OVER a century!

Based in the small town of Woodbury, CT, The Denominator Company makes custom-ordered counters individually with all parts and pieces 100% made in the USA, 100% guaranteed. Our employees are among the most loyal and dependable in the industry, committed to producing the best possible products. Quality is of the utmost importance in every step of our manufacturing process.

No one does it like The Denominator Company, where, It’s the little things that count.