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Laboratory Counters
& Scientific Totalizers

ustomers rely on our Denominators in a wide range of laboratory applications, including Hematology, Botany, Geology, Entomology, Oceanography and other medical and scientific laboratory settings. The Lab-Count Denominator may be banked or tiered, and various mounting options are available to suit your needs. The Denominators can be furnished with either locking or non-locking totalizers. Key tops are available in 21 different colors, and designation tapes are available in white and yellow.

Totalizers are available for use in situations where a cumulative line total of individual counters is required. The Locking Totalizer locks all counters at every 100 counts. A release button quickly unlocks the Denominator for the next 100 counts. Individual percentages can be readily determined by dividing the counter readings by the number of hundreds counted. This feature positively prevents inadvertent over-counting. Non-Locking Totalizers are also available. They continuously accumulate the counts on the individual counters without the operator having to unlock the machine after each 100 counts.