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Discover the Denominator’s key features:

  • 4-Digit Counters

    Counters may be configured for single or multiple-tally counting. Assemblies can be made up to 20 units in a row, and as high as 12 tiers.
  • Easy to read

    Large, clear numerals minimize eyestrain.
  • Light touch, non-slip keys

    Biomechanically-engineered ergonomic design facilitates repetitive motion.
  • Short stroke

    Quicker tally time.
  • Gang reset

    No delay between tallies.
  • Rugged construction

    Extremely durable and reliable under constant use, corrosion-resistant metals, maintenance-free
  • Quick-change titles

    Easy to customize for your specific application using pressure sensitive designation tape.
  • Twenty-one key colors

    Color code for rapid count identification
  • Standard mountings

    Mountings - Single and multiple-tier Denominators are shipped with a Non-Skid Rubber Base. For permanent attachment to any surface, we offer industrial strength Velcro, industrial strength adhesive-backed Foam Tape, or industrial strength adhesive backed Magnets, pre-attached to your machine, or per your specification.
  • Optional mountings

    For a nominal additional charge, we offer the following mounting options:
    • Aluminum Base Plate for desktop or benchtop mounting. (Steel available by special order)
    • L-Shaped Bracket for attachment to fareboxes or other vertical surfaces
    • Masonite or Aluminum Boards for mounting counter used in traffic survey work, quality control work and food service work.
    Prices vary with size required. Contact us for further mounting information.or custom orders.
  • Designation Tapes

    Designation Tape - Available in 30 ft rolls, in either White or Yellow.