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Other Uses

Denominators have helped many companies improve product quality and reduce the cost of defective work by providing timely and accurate data on rejections. Even where high-speed computers are available; our MULTIPLE-TALLIES frequently do the analytical job much more quickly and at a lower cost – no problem of programming issues, nor the delay of being placed on an extended computer schedule.

Some users are producers of missile-borne instruments, pharmaceuticals, toys, television tubes, textiles, electrical controls, baked goods, flooring, poultry and citrus fruits.

Whether the count of rejections by designated categories is done at final or in-process inspection, DENOMINATORS solve the common problem of quick and reliable summation of findings.

The Quality Control Engineer needs to take prompt corrective action to minimize or eliminate costly sub-standard production, and use of DENOMINATORS allows this to happen – quickly.

Uses of Denominators


Dimensional Variations

MULTIPLE TALLIES are used daily throughout industry to tabulate such variations from engineering drawings as thickness, circumference, concentricity, etc. from production random samples.

This continuous evaluation minimizes the costly manufacture of defective work and ensures that only products of acceptable specification are shipped to customers.


Spotting Rejects

In one well-known electronics plant, the analysis of Rejection Reports does more than summarize the causes of rejection by fault.

Manufacturing difficulties can also be promptly tracked down to specific operations, and often to the personnel involved.

This frequently leads to improved assembly methods and better operator training.


Visual Inspection

The nature and number of defects or flaws in finished products are the essential elements in grading. DENOMINATORS are at work daily in many textile mills performing this important function. While sometimes there may be no complete “rejection,” there is a final inspection to determine the degree of perfection and grade of inferior products.

Poultry Inspection

On the Eviscerating Line, inspectors tabulate on Denominators the reasons why each bird is rejected – Tumors, Bruises, Over-scald, Contamination and the like. These counts are placed on U.S. Department of Agriculture Reports.

Glass Manufacturing

Whether it be containers or other glass products, all production receives much precise scrutiny to ensure high quality end products. Extensive tabulations are made of such defects as Blisters, Poor Trim, Check Edges, Cold Glass, Out-of-Flat, Plunger Marks, Over Press, Pits, Bad Crack off and the like.

Machine Stoppages

A Multiple-Tally will provide the necessary data for Warper Stoppage Reports. A counter is provided for each of the 9 Yarn Causes, 6 Creeler Causes and 5-6 Miscellaneous Causes. Readouts are made after each shift and posted to a Weekly Summary Sheet.

Marketing Research

MARKET RESEARCH DEPARTMENTS use these counters to summarize market survey questionnaires, where the consumer answers by checking multiple-choice questions or to analyze a great variety of raw data on order size, geographical distribution, job classifications and the like to determine the effectiveness of certain promotions and so on.


PUBLISHING COMPANIES use Denominators to analyze the many categories of readership as a part of the circulation verification for ABC, BPA and other types of audits. Some magazines tabulate the many inquiries about the editorial content and personalities in their articles. Editors use this information to guide them in planning their future issues.

Applications Are Unlimited!

Traffic Surveys, Laboratory Studies, Laundry Bundle Counts, Telephone Counts and Food Portion Tabulations.