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Tally Counters, Tabulating Machines and Totalizers

There are many possible ways to count – from hash marks in the sand, to highly sophisticated computer programs. Since 1914, our customers have relied on The Denominator Company, Inc. to simplify counting in a wide range of applications. An easy-to-use Denominator is the perfect solution for fast, accurate tallies. Wherever and whenever the need to take a quick, accurate count, the Denominator is your best choice.

Denominators are our only products, so we have concentrated our efforts to produce the most durable, long-lasting, ergonomic and easy to use counters available.

A family-run business since 1914

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Industries We Serve

Below are just a few of the applications of our products.

Laboratory Counters & Scientific Totalizers

Customers rely on our Denominators in a wide range of laboratory applications, including Hematology, Botany, Geology, Entomology, Oceanography and other medical and scientific laboratory settings.

Quick Tally Counters for Traffic Surveys

Customers rely on our Denominators for Traffic surveys. The counters are available in any configuration to meet your needs. Portable counters may be mounted on hand-held clipboards.

Bus Counters & Manual Passenger Counters

Ridership and passenger tally counters are widely used where accurate counts are required. Typically these counters are shipped with a mounting bracket attached, for easy installation to a fare box or elsewhere.

Food Service Control

Portion control and food statistics depend on reliable counts. Our tally counters are widely accepted in cafeterias, restaurants and other institutions. Denominators are also used in hospital dietary departments to tabulate patient’s choices from selective menus.

Featured Products

Made in USA

All Denominator products are 100% made in the USA

Repairs & Replacements

Should your tally counter get damaged, we offer full-service repair and replacement parts.

2 Year Warranty

Denominators are warranted, conditionally, for two years from the date of purchase.


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Good Quality!

I bought a cheaper one in China. It was broken soon. Then I finally got this. I have to say the quality is really what I want.

Great Counter!

I’ve been using this style of counters for many years doing laboratory services. It has a smooth button action and accuracy. You won’t be disappointed!